Andreas Kronthaler & Vivienne Westwood AW 19|20, PFW

Andreas Kronthaler & Vivienne Westwood AW2019/2020, Paris

Tom wearing Lady Di T-Shirt for Caldo worldwide, click image for more info

Moubi Assima, Blogger

Happy Birthday Vivienne, Vivienne Westwood, Paris, DMArchive

Andreas Kronthaler & Vivienne Westwood AW2019/2020, Paris

SnoopDogg, Kesselhaus, Munich

Andreas Kronthaler & Vivienne Westwood AW2019/2020, Paris

Vincent Basse, Schauspieler, actor, view Portraits

Tom from 'Youth' - a series of teenagers

Bernhard Willhelm, Paris #SS15, view Fashionportraits

Youth, Exhibitionproject, Closer Gallery 2017, view project

Franz Pätzold, Actor, Residenztheater more portraits

Karoline Herfurth, Actress, DIE ZEIT, 2019

Mediadesign University, Students show more images

Saskia van Drimmelen, Paris Fashion Week,  more images

Nick Cave (30), FollowMe Magazine, Sydney, from the archives

DJ Hell, GQ

Bernhard Willhelm, pfw view portraits

DM Archive, Vivienne Westwood MAN, Milan Fashion Week

Vivienne Westwood, Gold Label SS15,pfw

Youth a series of teenagers-continued

Jiro Kamata, Jeweller, 2016  view Portraits

Jessica Dettinger, Artist  view Portrait

Thailand Moods

Bernhard Willhelm SS15, pfw more images

Muay Thai  Boxing, Koh Lanta Island  view Portraits

New York City Documents, 2014 more images

DJ Hell, PR 'Zunkunftsmusik' 2017, view more

Bohdi Lynch, Baldessarini SS17, view portrait

Bernhard Willhelm SS15,pfw  view images

Sool Park, Philosopher

Grant Carradine, New York, from the archives

Prof. Michael Osterheider, Forensic Psychologist Crime Magazine  view portrait

The Internet, Installation by Alexander Giesche/Kammerspiele München  view images

New Poets London, Sunday Telegraph Magazine

Dr. Hanna Ziegert, Forensic Expert, Crime, view Portraits

Bernhard Willhelm AW0102, Paris Fashion Week, view Archive

We disappear, Performance by Alexander Giesche view more images

Vincent Basse, Actor view portraits

Vivienne Westwood, Gold Label, view Archive

Oliver Korritke, Actor, Zeit Magazin, Coverstory

Outrace, Kram/Weisshaar, Audi AG, London Design Week, view Portraits

Klaus St.Rainer, Die goldene Bar, GQ


Vivienne Westwood, Red Label, LFW, view portraits

Hartje, Prinz Magazine more images

Bernhard Willhelm S/S15, Paris Fashion Week, view project

Bernhard Willhelm, Africa Collection, Paris Fashion Week,  view project

Vivienne Westwood, London view Portraits

Westwood MAN SS15, Milan Fashion Week view project

              Toga, PFW, Paris

Jetzt Magazin, Fashionstory

Vivienne Westwood SS15, PFW, view project

DJ Hell, ZOO Magazine  view Archive

Nick Cave, Sydney, Follow Me Magazine

Alicia Amatriain, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine Cover, view project

Bless Presentation, PFW, view project

Smoke City, München, Jetzt Magazine   view portrait

Bernhard Willhelm, A/W0102, Paris Fashion Week, view project

Marc Newson Seating for Six, Boat Chair, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, view images

Sergio Tacchini, Sportswear Campaign view images

      USA, Independent project   view images

Pam Hogg, London Fashion Week,  view project

Jetzt Magazine, view images

P.S.1 New York, Lawrence Weiner & John Baldessari exhibition view project

Nick Cave, live,  Munich  view image

Andrea Berg, Stern Magazine, Outtake

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label SS15, pfw  view images

Vivienne Westwood, Paris, view images

Leni Riefenstahl, Sunday Telegraph Magazine  view portraits

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label,#S/S15, Paris, Fashion Week, view project

Karl Fritsch, Jeweller, 2017  view portrait

Til Schweiger, Männerherzen, Warner Bros./NFP Berlin, view project

Vivienne Westwood MAN S/S16, Milan Fashion Week, view project

Nora Tschirner, Wiedemann & Berg, view portrait

International Herald Tribune, BMW Production Line, view images

Big Sean, Milan Fashion Week, view Fashionportraits

New York Security Mini-Storage

Luciano, München, BMW

Adrian van Hooydonk, Designer-in-chief BMW Group, Provocateur Magazine, Portraits

Unter Frauen, Shooting of the Cast for PR activities, NFP Berlin, more portraits

Karl Deisseroth, M.D. Prof. Neuro-Biology, Stanford University, El Pais Semanal

Bernhard Willhelm, Paris, GQ

Vivienne Westwood, London, Elle Russia

Katharina Knap, SZ-Magazin Spezial Stuttgart, view portrait

Bernhard Willhelm, Paris Fashion Week, view Fashionportraits

Bernhard Willhelm SS09, pfw

Bernhard Willhelm, Cosmic Gallery

Bernahard Willhelm, pfw  view more images